RealDesperationand Wetting

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Desperation?

Real Desperation is a collection of fetish porn videos relating to Omorashi (female pee desperation and wetting) - specifically the candid and unstaged kind.

We have a catalogue of hundreds of videos: girls desperate to pee and doing whatever they can to hold it, girls who barely get to the toilet in time, and girls who just do it in their pants - sometimes by accident, sometimes deliberately. There are also a few choice clips of girls doing some rather interesting/unusual and sometimes naughty (all pee-related) stuff as well.

All of the videos here are completely unstaged and unscripted - the girls are recorded by either brave voyeurs, hidden cameras or CCTV, and most don't know they're being filmed. This site features only real, candid voyeur omorashi videos.

What happened to Voy-Omo?

Sadly our predecessor Voy-Omo was forced to close in early 2023 due to a technical issue. However we did retain the database and framework, which have been transformed into the shiny new Real Desperation website. We still have the vast majority of Voy-Omo's content, and members of the old site can reactivate their accounts here.

How does this site work?

We look like a typical porn video site, but work a bit differently - in that most of our content is mainly streamable or downloadable from other video/file-hosting sites. In fact, you can find the vast majority of it publicly on our ThisVid account without needing to sign up here at all. We simply offer this catalogue service for those with specific interest(s) in this sort of content, so they can find exactly what they're looking for.

If you make an account, you'll get access to all the videos that we know of, as well as options to sort them in a variety of different ways - by the types of girls involved, where they are, what they're doing/wearing, and more! We also offer some other things like a forum for talk with like-minded individuals, a premium member status with a few perks, and we're always open to new ideas on how to expand.

Is this legal?

Yes, absolutely. See our Legal page for specifics.