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Real Desperation is primarily a catalogue service, and the vast majority of our media is sourced from third party sites.

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Sexual Offences Act 2003 - Real Desperation is commited to ensuring that all participants featured in media on this site are over 18 years of age to the best of our ability. In the event that we are notified of media on our site containing a subject who was underage at the time of filming, we will promptly remove the media and all references to it from our site. You can report such media to us via the methods outlined on the right-hand side of this page. Please remember to include the ID(s) of the relevant video(s), as well as sufficient evidence (such as the media having been removed for a violation of the third party site's Terms of Service).

Voyeurism Offences Act 2019 - Real Desperation does not record or produce any voyeur media, and thus does not commit any offences under UK law. We do not promote, encourage, or condone the recording or production of voyeur media within any jurisdiction where such an act is illegal.

© Copyright/DMCA

Real Desperation is a catalogue service, therefore if you wish to submit a DMCA takedown or equivalent request, you should do so for the source of the material. You can find this by clicking "Additional Information" underneath the video player, and following the steps for copyright-related matters on the third party website.